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About me & this site.

As I may have mentioned, I'm a student studying electronic engineering at the University of Reading. I enjoy my subject hugely, to the extent that electronics is a hobby of mine as well as a job and a course of study. As for other hobbies; I enjoy good films (and sometimes bad ones too), I love to cook and I enjoy good food with the occasional glass of wine.

I can be followed on Twitter, the micro-blogging service, though I don't really tweet about anything interesting or important! If you want to contact me regarding anything, the contact page is the place to head to.

An image of myself

A picture of myself.
Photograph by Amykate

Should you wish, you can download a copy of my CV using the links below. The left-most icon links to the Office Word .docx version while the right-most icon will let you view an Adobe .pdf version.

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This site:
I built this site myself from the ground-up, out of php, (X)HTML, JavaScript and MySQL. The result is, whilst fairly basic, reliable and cross-browser compatible. This site even renders in IE6 pretty accurately; The main issue, aside from users still utilising IE6, is that a dotted line renders as dashed.

I'm really not subscribing to fanboy-ism when I criticise Internet Explorer, its just a terrible product. Many Microsoft products are the best at what they do, but I promise IE is not in that list.

Aside from the occasional photograph and the 'Nuvola' icons dotted around, this site really is all my work, including the 'lightbox' implementation I created, named DarkBox.

Finally, I often get asked about the name of this site, so prepare for enlightenment: It has been determined by electronics engineers the world-over, that it must be the bluish smoke inside microchips that makes them work. Because 'When the magic blue smoke comes out, the electronics doesn't work anymore'. The original research can be found here and it makes for fascinating reading.